True integrity!

Our home is only six years old. I have had two other AC people at the house. Both did a superficial inspection, recharged the unit and told me that I needed to replace the entire system at a cost of $3000-$4000. Dave came and did more than put the gauges on the unit. He thoroughly inspected the unit, clearly identified the problem and the cause. The repairs will be high cost but not near the quotes given by the other two companies. In addition, by knowing the cause of the problem, which is not related to the AC system, I may be able to avoid this problem reoccurring in another five or six years.I received a thorough and honest evaluation presented with the confidence of someone who knows what he is doing and a more than reasonable price for the service.


Great service!

We want to thank Dave Anthony for the prompt and efficient service he recently gave us. Mr. Anthony is knowledgeable and efficient. He knew what to do, how to do it, and did it quickly and without charging us an outrageous fee.We highly recommend Anthony Air Conditioning Service. Mr. Anthony has experience and integrity. He is a man you can trust.

The Haverdink Family

Air Conditioner Repair

This is the second time we have used Anthony Air Conditioning and we are impressed!! Always prompt and very fair pricing. They explain to you exactly what went wrong and how they will be repairing. We went to them to get a second opinion after another company told us we needed a new air conditioning system. NOT! We will continue to use Anthony’s now and in the future.


Fast Service

Came right away: Did a great job: Air Conditioning workng fine now.

Rosie Young

Duct replacement

The plastic covering around my AC ducts were all deteriorating. Dave replaced them all at a very reasonable price. Imagine, crawling around through trusses in a hot and cramped attic.My cooling bill dropped by at least 30.Dave did the job quick and very efficient.I have recommended him to many others.


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